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  • Our security network is an association of security professionals integrated by the highest standards of integrity, quality and respect for every associate. Latino security Established in 2009, with a trusted leader with proven expertise in a number of markets, including:
  • Colleges & Universities
    Commercial Real Estate
    Construction Site
    Special Events
    Government Services
    Higher Education
    Residential Communities
    Manufacturing and Industrial
    Financial Institutions
    Shopping Centers and other Retail Facilities
    Over the past few years, we have grown substantially. We will never sacrifice service for growth and we assure our clients that we will never outgrow the fundamental characteristics of thoroughness, responsiveness, accessibility and agility that attracted our clients to towards us.

    From the local office that will directly manage your site to our Head of the Company, Latino Security Corp. entire management staff is available to you.

  • Aid our clients in providing a more inviting environment for their employees, customers, and vendors by reducing the occurrence of theft.
  • Support our clients in identifying instances of shoplifting and providing an appropriate response by safely apprehending offenders with minimal disruption to the store.
  • Assist our clients in discovering other hazards and business risks.
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